About Us

Phamox Music is a music blog brand that provides information about classical music, hymns, African art music, art musicians and hymnal. We are also a friendly site for Hymn and Art music lovers, Classical performers, curious minds and people who have a good interest in great music and the creative artistic space in Africa and Western world.

The main purpose of creating this blog is to provide useful and comprehensive information that worthy to be used as reference across the globe. Our aim here is to take you on a journey into African musical heritage that is exceptional rich. It is a ride that will muse, the wonderful Classical music, African art-music and a mix of different new music and composition.

Our basic theory offers simple written lessons on the basics of musical notation with the hope of helping untrained, aspire composers and contemporary musicians in our world to unlock the mysteries of reading and writing sheet music. If you have never had any musical training, but have musical ideas you would like to put down on paper, then phamoxmusic.com is also a place for you.

We hope this site encourages you to have a greater interest in music, and find it fun to enjoy.

Our Team

Our experienced team and educators are committed to creating content you not only turn to, but count on along the way.


Phamox Music accepts advertisements on our site, in order to help us maintain the resources needed to create the quality content you deserve. We maintain a distinct separation between editorial and advertising.