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Meet Our Team

Phamox Music has a team of well-trained musicians, skilled researchers, writers, editors, and music-native journalists. The team is also adept at mastering online media and internet technology.

Our experienced team and educators are committed to creating content you can not only turn to but count on along the way.

We are genuinely devoted to publishing educational and informative content in all our posts. This is achieved through in-depth research and expert consultation.

Above all, we make sure that the information we provide is truthful and factual.
We always refrain from publishing any piece of information that our editorial team has not checked and vetted thoroughly.

Some of the work carried out by our writers and editors has been used as a reference by other online media, like Faqguide, Wikipedia, etc.

Kayode Lagbayi – Founder

Kayode Lagbayi

Kayode is a music enthusiast from Nigeria. He studied music theory and hymn accompaniment at his local church in Nigeria.

Besides, he is a gifted singer and composer who loves learning and research.

Kayode studied physics at the University of Ilorin and is currently an IT professional. However, his deep love for classical and African art music led him to create Phamox Music.

Email: [email protected]
Alt Email: [email protected]

Gabriel Oladepo – Editor

Oladepo Olayemi Gabriel

Gabriel is a professional radiologist with over 5 years of experience in content creation and editing.

His writing experience cut across a range of topics, from biographies to lifestyle and technology.

In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, reading, and watching TV shows.

Email: [email protected]
Alt Email: [email protected]

Faith Edemakhiota – Writer

Faith is a hymn lover, storyteller, movie enthusiast, and history nerd. She writes, edits, and creates digital content.

When she is not writing, she is likely reading or watching the most interesting stuff online.

Rosemary Coker – Writer