How To Have A Healthy Voice

It is absolute clear that our body is our instrument as a singer. Equally important, when we refuse to take care of our body for a longer period of time, it will actually show up in our voice. Therefore, a health voice starts from a healthy body. In this vocal tips: “how to have a healthy voice”, we will look into proven things that can negatively affect the new beginner and also the trained and accomplished singers.

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In this article, we will discuss three things you and I need to avoid in order to have a health voice. These are the things that can have direct effect on our focal cords/folds. To have a healthy voice, the following simple tips will help to preserve and protect your voice and also keep it healthy:

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is an act of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of a burning substance or plant material. One of the bad habits you can engage in as a singer is smoking. Not because of your general health that it can affect but your main singing element know as vocal cords.

Smoke can actually compromise the vocal health of any singer. This is a simple fact you should be aware of. The smoke dried out and get your vocal folds irritated. Moreover, this effect prevent your vocal folds to vibrate and function very well during singing performance.

Avoid alcohol to have a healthy voice

Whether you are a real smoker or social cum occasionally smoker, smoking is not healthy for anyone. In fact, as a singer, it is not a good thing you can combine with singing. Because, the effects of this habit are absolutely negative on the vocal folds. Also, it will not contribute anything to his vocal and general health.

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The best solution to the smoking as a singer is to quit it. In other words, stop smoking while you can before it will take your voice away from you. There are many resources out there to help you quit smoking provided you are a smoker that want to have a health voice. In sort, if your voice and musical gift means a lot to you, respect and safeguard it.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant produced by fermentation as we have in a beer, wine, vodka and spirits. This is not a substance that will seriously damage your voice, but it can get it dry. Alcohol is nothing but a drying agent to our body and voice. Your body sees alcohol as a poison and give up water in order to flush it out. This resulted in dehydrating your vocal folds. Also it vaporize some of the mucous that lines your throat. These reaction and action resulted in dehydrating your vocal cord.

Furthermore, alcohol is alcohol, either wine or beer, vodka or brandy, it can severely dehydrate your throat. Moreover, too much of phlegm is not what you actually need and dehydrated throat can initiate strain during the singing activities. Therefore, all kinds of alcohol in any quantity drive the throat dehydration and we need to always avoid them before or during performance. For this reason, ensure you drink a lot of water after you must having taken alcohol a day before your performance. However, if you have your way, avoid it.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that naturally present in some foods items like coffee and tea. It is classed as dehydrating substance that has adverse effects on the voice quality when it is taken. While water ensure that the vocal folds or cords is well hydrated, Caffeine dry it out and make it difficult to vibrate effectively while singing.

Avoid Caffeine to have a healthy voice

Coffee reversed the hydrated standard of the vocal folds and dehydrates it. It thus work against enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of the cords. This effect that can make your voice to sound hoarse. On the other hand, caffeine can increase your energy levels, but it will dry you out and constrict the muscles in your throat. This will make singing or speaking smoothly to be hard, and painful for you to get in your singing zone.

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Certainly, the current research has proven that a moderate drinking of caffeinated beverages cannot open one to the risk of drying out. Still, you need to watch it, avoid caffeine if you can. Energy drink and coffee contain much caffeine compare to tea, and as said, caffeine is dehydrating. With this in mind, you can explain the reason you feel like that whenever you drink them.

Avoid Yelling or Screaming

Yelling is to make a long loud sound with your voice. It also means raising your voice above normal. Screaming on the other hand means making a loud and distorted sound with your voice. Both yelling and screaming are acts of shouting. Shouting either by screaming or yelling is considered to be misuse of the vocal cords. It can hurt the voice and also cause complications with the vocal cords. Obviously, in order to maintain a healthy voice, you and I need to be gentle with our voice all the time.

Avoid Yelling or Screaming to have a healthy voice

Be careful when you are yelling at a game. Also shun screaming, loudly cheering and talking in a noisy environment because they put worthless strain on your vocal folds, and on some occasions, you can damage your voice. If there is a need for you to yell at all, briefly do so. You can damage your vocal cords if you scream or yell too often. Sporadically, injury sustained by the vocal cord normally heals on its own. However, those who chronically overburden or mistreat their voices are exposed to the risk of fixed damage.


To be a singer typically means you want to use your voice as your primary instrument. For that reason, to keep your voice healthy is very vital, and what required is not that hard so far we are ready to care of it. Specifically, avoiding substances that dehydrate the vocal folds is one of the integral aspect of the vocal hygiene. Of course, has we have learnt, smoking, alcohol and caffeine are among the substances that you need to avoid because they can dry out the focal cords. In addition, a combination of these three can increase that risk, and we need to avoid them. 

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If you find these tips helpful or not, share your opinion with us in the comment session below.

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