Why Good Posture Is Important In Singing

In reality, singing is a very complex task and requires a lot of processes to do it best. Why? What it takes to sing better is not just the vocal cavity but the whole body system. Certainly, the way we stand or sit has a lot to do about singing effectively. This is because when a particular condition is satisfied, the body function satisfactorily well. One of these conditions that need to meet for proper singing is correct body alignment that translate to good singing posture.

The benefit of Good Posture in Singing

Good singing posture is one of the critical elements in singing techniques. If you are a singer and your body posture is poor, you will not be able to breathe and project sound properly. Also, if you are sitting slumped in a chair or standing in a rigid way, then your diaphragm will be squashed or stretched, and you won’t be able to breathe properly. A good singing posture is just like the foundation on which all other singing techniques can be built on.

Good posture is all about right body alignment.  In our body system, the ribcage is attached to the spine and lungs to the ribcage. Therefore, if the spine for example is not well aligned, the ribs will find it difficult to expand to their full capabilities. In return, the ability of the singer to breathe-in effectively will be hindered.

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Why? Because those squander and exhausted muscles will not work synergistically well to regulate the ever-changing stability in the airflow and air pressure needed in the course of singing. However, the singer may manage to project some pleasant sound, but will not be as effective as it would be if the alignment of the body was appropriate.


Good posture is indeed beneficial when we are singing because having a bad posture can affect our voice and singing activities negatively. When we pose well to sing, our whole body will align and we will have good command on our breath. This is true, because we will have good breath support and our voice will be so free to come out beautifully.

Why Poor Posture Affect Singers

Any misconduct in body posture can adversely affect the way in which the vocal folds and larynx function to produce a proper sound. The reason is that the poor posture anywhere in the body can easily lead to excess tension and lack of flexibility in the muscles of breathing and voice. Our breath does travels from our lungs and passes directly through the mouth.  Any blockage of that passage can greatly affect our singing activities.

As said, the status of our body while singing has a great effect on our vocal power. Singing and speaking are smooth when the right muscles are functioning in a normal way. However, things will not flow the way it should when muscles are under pressure due to bad singing posture.

How to Properly Pose for Singing

Good posture for singing can be described as the position attained that gives room for the spine to be aligned or not twisted and joint unbend. It gives you room to grow into a singing idol by allowing all essential features in vocal or sound creation to function in synergy.

Correct singing posture
The right posture in a box

Surely, we can all achieve good singing posture if we really care about it. Some tips for achieving effective body alignment (proper posture) for voice production effective singing are discussed below.

Make sure you are standing with your legs at shoulder-width apart, chest lifted up to give your lungs plenty of room, and shoulders stretched back and relaxed.  You should notice a big difference in the amount of airflow you can produce and regulate when you are singing with the correct posture.

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In order not to give your body and muscles unnecessary tension try and align your head with your spine (ears over shoulders), also keep posture symmetrical, and balance your weight evenly when standing. In addition, make your arms and shoulders relaxed, keep the shoulders level and lowered, make sure you relaxed, and in a slightly forward-sloping position.

It is important to keep knee joints loose and legs relaxed. Endeavor to put the feet approximately 20 cm apart where possible and directed forward, and keep the rib cage relaxed and lifted.

How Not to Pose for Singing

Ensure you do not thrust the chin forward or up, throw the head back and clench the teeth. Also, do not push the tongue against the teeth, clench the hands or toes, and round the shoulders. In addition, it will be wrong for you to slump the spine, or try to keep it straight and lean excessively forwards or side-wards. To observers, a good posture, do not tilt the pelvis excessively, hold a rigid posture, or lock the knees.

Bad singing posture – The wrong posture in a box

Always make sure you do not keep thigh muscles braced, Raise or hunch the shoulders, narrow the back, and stand or sit with an asymmetrical posture.


Good posture for a singer is to spine straight and ensure you centered for balance but not stiff. Raise ribs as if at it is at the peak of a normal breath. Square shoulders but relaxed (not rounded). Head up as though looking in the distance. The chin should be at a normal angle to the neck, neither stretched up nor tucked down, to allow the vocal cords maximum flexibility and feet slightly apart.

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Certainly, all the tips mentioned in this article can really help you improve your singing posture and also your singing voice. However, the best line of action is to look for a voice coach or trainer and book a class. Nothing can be compared to physical voice instruction and direction. In fact, it is the best.

The better your singing posture, the better you sing effortlessly.

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