Singing Posture

The better your singing posture, the better you sing effortless.

Good singing posture is one of the critical elements in singing techniques. If you are a singer body posture is poor, you will not be able to breathe and project sound properly. If you are sitting slumped in a chair, or standing in a rigid way, then your diaphragm will be squashed or stretched, and you won’t be able to breathe properly. A good singing posture is just like the foundation on which all other singing techniques can be built on.

Your breath do travel from your lungs and pass directly through your mouth.  Any blockage of that passage can greatly affect your singing. Make sure you are standing with your legs at shoulder width apart, chest lifted up to give your lungs plenty of room, and shoulders stretched back and relaxed.  You should notice a big difference in the amount of air flow you can produce when you are singing with the correct posture.

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Any misconduct in body posture can adversely affect the way in which the vocal folds and larynx function to produce voice. The reason is that the poor posture anywhere in the body can easily lead to excess tension and lack of flexibility in the muscles of breathing and voice. We can all achieve good singing posture if we really care about it. Some tips for achieving effective body alignment for voice production are listed below:

singing posture
Singing Posture Do:

As said, the status of our body while singing has great effect on our vocal power. Singing and speaking are smooth when the right muscles are functioning in the normal way. However, things will not flow the way it should when muscles are under pressure due to bad singing posture.

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In order not to give your body and muscles unnecessary tension try and:

• Align your head with your spine (ears over shoulders),
• Keep posture symmetrical,
• Balance your weight evenly when standing,
• Make arms relaxed,
• Keep the shoulders level, make sure you relaxed and in a slightly forward-sloping position,
• Ensure knee joints loose and legs relaxed,
• Put the feet approximately 20 cm apart where possible and directed forward,
• Keep the rib cage relaxed and lifted,
• Keep the shoulders relaxed and lowered 

singing posture
Singing Posture Don’t:

• Thrust the chin forward or up,
• Throw the head back,
• Clench the teeth,
• Push the tongue against the teeth,
• Clench the hands or toes,
• Round the shoulders,
• Slump the spine,
• Lean excessively forwards or side-wards,
• Tilt the pelvis excessively,
• Hold a rigid posture,
• Try to keep the spine straight,
• Lock the knees,
• Keep thigh muscles braced,
• Raise or hunch the shoulders,
• Narrow the back,
• Stand or sit with an asymmetrical posture


Good posture for a singer is to:
Spine straight and and ensure you centered for balance but not stiff.
Raise ribs as if at it is at the peak of a normal breath.
Square shoulders but relaxed (not rounded).
Head up as though looking in the distance.
The chin should beat a normal angle to the neck, neither stretched up nor tucked down, to allow the vocal chords maximum flexibility and feet slightly apart. 

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