What You Need To Know About Abiodun Koya The Operatic Soprano Singer

Abiodun Koya

Abiodun Koya is a Nigerian-born USA based classical Soprano singer cum songwriter and also an Actor. She was born into the family of Mr. Rufus Koya, in the south-west part of Nigeria on the 22 December 1980. Though she grew up in Ijebu Ode, Abiodun actually spent most of her formative year in the USA where she studied. The illustrious soprano singer has graced the podium to sing for in the presence of country leaders and prominent people. In addition, she has gained a huge fan-base in the USA, Asia, Nigeria, and some parts of Africa with her Opera cum classical style of music.


Abiodun, the founder of the foundation, moved to the United States of America in the year 2001 to study Business Management. She graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Business Management from the University of the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C., USA. The course she studied to come in line with her parent’s desire for her to be an accountant.

Abiodun Koya
Abiodun Koya (Image Source)

To fulfill her personal wishes and in the quest for more knowledge in Music, Abiodun later put in for a Master’s Degree in music. She studied music at Catholic University, Washington. D.C in the USA and graduated with a Master in Music (M.A. Music).

Journey into Music

The influence of parents in their children’s life can never be underestimated. Abiodun is one of the musicians that their choice of music was influenced by their parents’ choice of music. Her father who also studied abroad and loved classical music always played the record of the classical genes. Consequently, she started to listen to classical music from her father’s stereo in the 80s at the tender age of three. As a result of this, she developed exceptional love for classical music.

Abiodun Koya Performing Ave Maria

Though every member of her family (family of five) loves classical music, her own love for music is incredible. With this in mind, her father bought a violin for her to unlock her musical potential, but Abiodun saw it as a toy. She would use it to play and turned down for the violin lesson her father arranged for her. However, the singing talent in her is something she did not toil with. She used to sing at the church and birthday celebrations. In fact, she started to write the music of her own at six years of age and has grown up to be one of the very few women in African that sing opera. Also, she is in other genres like Broadway, Jazz, Gospel and Pop.

Music and Career

Abiodun Koya has risen to stardom with her versatile, sonorous, and powerful voice. Obviously, her music career is top-notch and she keeps broadening her dexterity as an Actress, poet, and songwriter. The opera singer is known for her stage performances and concerts role. She has happily released three albums that are of opera in the genre. In addition, she has released a single that is Pop music and flourish is one of them. Similarly, Lift up Nigeria, Kabiyesi O, Hossana O! The Lord’s prayer, Song for you, Big God, and so on are some of her singles. Besides, she loves recording movie soundtracks. Abby has created two groundbreaking experiential concerts. One is the Future Symphony a Sci-Fi Opera Concert, a concert of Science and Fiction. The second is the Frankincense Concert (A black Tie- Christmas Dinner Concert).

The beautiful face of Abiodun Koya at Frankincense Concert 2018

Frankincense Concert is a blending of good fragrance and beautiful music with the sole means to comfort souls. The Concert was said to be an undivided classy lifestyle concert that was devised to exhibit art music performances. Likewise, showcase an interpretation of the Nigerian music and her elegant culture with a classical expression in the Yuletide season. Of course, she delivered Frankincense Concert, the ultimate Christmas concert experience to music lovers in Lagos in December 2017, 2018, and 2019 respectively. Also in her profile is the formation of the Frankincense Chamber Orchestra and Choir. Similarly, there is a Radio program she called HYMNSICAL that runs on Nigeria stations. HYMNSICAL is a combination of Hymns, Jazz, Broadway, and Classical music.

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Frankincense Concert Convener has established herself as a musical artist with passion, purpose, and electrifying voice that is powerful and inspiring.  Besides, she is an illustrious singer who builds bridges through mentor-ship, charity works, and a strong dedication to the arts. In her free time, she conducts a master class for people, choir, and college student inclusive. Furthermore, she coordinates musical literacy workshops, and organize empowerment programs for the youth.

AbiodunKoya Foundation
Biodun Koya – Frankincense Concert 2019 – (Image Source)

Apart from music, Abiodun has a charity organization called “Abiodun Koya Foundation”. The foundation caters to underprivileged children and also grants scholarships to orphan girls in Africa. Abiodun’s intentions are to creatively and with purpose display a positive message and impact for different cultures across Africa, America, and other parts of the world. Mostly important, proceeds from her Frankincense Concert goes into her Foundation to cater for the need of underprivileged and women.


Abby, as fondly called, has shared her music with the caliber of people, and her performance cut across rich and poor. She has performed for the prominent and people in need. Of course, Abiodun’s performance includes inmate, both male and female, through her prison outreach in America. Besides, she has performed for numerous world leaders including Presidents, Royal Kings and Queens, Ambassadors, governors, less privileged children, and Congress members to mention a few.

In particular, she has sung for the president of Burkina Faso, President of the Republic of Benin, President of Angola, President George Bush of America. Similarly, President Barack Obama, President of Senegal, president of Ouagadougou, president of Congo, and President Ellen Sir leaf of Liberia. Another includes the president of Burkina Faso, Prime Minister of Bahamas and Ghanaian diplomat, Kofi Anan, who was a UN Secretary-General.

Frankincense Concert stage
Abiodun Koya on stage Image source

The vocal powerhouse has performed at The Democratic Convention and also at The White House. Of course, the performance at a black history month at White house in America can be said to be the highlight of her career. The performance that elevated her as a true African and true Ambassador for Nigeria with her talents: music and voice.

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Furthermore, she has shared her music at the Potter’s House both in Colorado and Texas when Bishop T.D. Jakes specially invited her to minister. Also, Rev. Franklin Richardson’s Grace Baptist Church in New York has experienced her music ministry. Abby’s biggest audience was 15,00 at her convocation when the school president asked and gave her the privileged to perform at the convocation ceremony.

Abiodun Koya was part of the casts of LaRoche that was presented by Americolor Opera Alliance. LaRoche is a three-act original opera base on the only black male passenger on the ill-fated Titanic. Abiodun Koya was given the role of Madam Mae/Top Lady.  She was honoured to sing at The Ambassador Andrew Young Global Tribute Event where she shared the stage with Smokey Robinson. Also in 2018, she performed at FIFA Coca Cola Dinner event held in Nigeria.


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