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What To Know About Dr Alfred Patrick Addaquay


Alfred Patrick Addaquay Early Life

Alfred Patrick Addaquay (Ph.D.) is one of the Ghanaian foremost art and classical musicians. He is popularly known for his dexterity on the organ and ability to sing along while playing. Alfred Patrick (Ph.D.) is indeed an excellent singer, composer, organist, music director, and conductor. 

The classical musician and organ genius was born on the 17th of September 1985. His place of birth is Kumasi, the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Alfred Patrick Addaquay (Ph.D.)  is the last of four children of Mr. Alfred Addaquay and Mrs. Patricia Addaquay. 

The finest classical musicians and organist is popularly known as the “One Man Orchestra”. The reason for this is his versatility and creativity during music performance. Most especially his ability to sing classical pieces along with the self-organ accompaniment.

Journey into Music

Patrick Addaquay grew up in the church and was mostly self-taught on the keyboard. To some extent, a keyboardist at Prempeh College, a boarding school for boys originally founded by Protestant missionaries, gave him considerable direction with his playing.

Alfred Patrick Addaquay’s (Ph.D.) journey as a musician started at an early age when he was in primary school. The name of his primary school is Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (UST) primary school. During this period, he started learning how to play the piano. Playing the keyboard instrument was fun for Patrick Addaquay at that period of his life.

Patrick Addaquay’s Talent Unfold

Specifically, his hidden skill was brought to the limelight during a musical event while he was in primary six. This happened when his music master, Mr. A.E. Amankwah needed a keyboard player to play at the event. Patrick’s friend recommended him to their teacher as someone with the ability, he was invited to play for confirmation.

Alfred Patrick Addaquay played for his teacher and he was impressed with Patrick. Mr. Amankwah assembled the school choir and Alfred Patrick played the popular Ghanian gospel tune called “Yesu Ka wo Ho” with them. Everything went well with his performance and he stole the day.

At that point, he was recognized by the school Headmistress, Mrs. Theodosia Jackson as a potential great musician. The headmistress called his mother and asked her to give Patrick a chance because he could become a great musician in the future.

Exposure to Formal Music

Alfred Patrick Addaquay (Ph.D.) was later exposed to formal music when he joined Mfantsipim School at Cape Coast. From there he developed a great interest in music and maintained his music development throughout his stay at the school.

At Mfantsipim School, he passed through the mentorship of Peter Lyte Koomson, the district chief executive in Ajumako (Cape coast). He also pursued General Arts with Music at the school to further develop his musicianship.

Alfred Patrick Addaquay Education

Dr. Alfred Patrick Addaquay started his education at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology primary school. He finished and continues with the same school for his Junior Secondary school education (JSS). Thereafter, he attended Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast for his Senior Secondary School education in the year 2001.

It was at Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast that he was introduced to formal music. In particular, he was mentored musically by Peter Lyte Koomson who was a music tutor at the school. Dr. Alfred followed his passion for music and sat for music in his Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) in 2004. The result was amazing as he had an excellent grade.

The iconic musician was admitted into the University of Cape Coast in 2004 to further his education. Without a doubt, he continued his musical education at the university and bagged a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2009.

Master Of Philosophy In Music Theory

The ambitious musician did not stop there. He later enrolled for Master of Philosophy in Music theory and composition at the same University of Cape Coast. He submitted his thesis “Kyekyekule sonata” to the Department of Music in the Faculty of Arts of the university in 2014.  The thesis was under the supervision of Dr.  M. Q.  Adjahoe, as well as Dr. C. W.  K. Mereku.

However, in 2016, Dr. Alfred Patrick Addaquay started his Doctor of Philosophy program in music theory and composition at the prestigious University of Cape Coast. The journey of Ph.D. he successfully completed in March 2020

He spent three years submitting his thesis “Sanku Concerto” for the program and got his certificate in the fourth year. Specifically, “Sanku Concerto” is a solo instrument piece that has the accompaniment of an orchestra (concerto). He definitely has the talent but the institution further molded him as both a music theorist cum composer and a pianist.

Alfred Patrick Addaquay Music Career

Dr Alfred Patrick Addaquay
Alfred Patrick Addaquay (PhD) on the organ

Dr. Alfred Patrick Addaquay has started performing as a man on the keyboard since his childhood. He started performing music in the church and often composed church music. The keyboard general started playing the organ at the tender age of seven. Of course, he has been a typical player of the organ at the Wesley Methodist Cathedral in Kumasi.

Alfred Patrick Addaquay (Ph.D.) became the school’s junior organist when his music skills were noticed at the Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast. Thereafter, he became the principal organist at the school. The young Patrick served in this capacity as the school organist for three consecutive years. He took his musical talent around the school corners from 2001 he joined them till 2004 he graduated from the school.

Patrick Addaquay Started Playing At The Church Service

During his stay at the school, Patrick Addaquay started playing at the church service. In fact, his skill attracts many to attend the church service in order to listen to his playing. Also, his music dexterity and leadership attract some of the old students of the school to faithfully donate musical instruments to them.

The career of the celebrated keyboardist spans across music composition. He has composed many pieces that have been performed in a concert hall outside and inside Ghana.  In particular, his oratorio “Laudate” was performed at the University of Cape Coast Auditorium in 2005. The audience was massive and the concert was the first of its kind in Ghana. The two-hours oratorio called “Laudate” he composed at age of 20 in 2005 comprises 32 classical music pieces.

The versatile music theorist and composer later revisited his oratorio “Laudate” and fine-tuned the masterwork. The revised version of “Laudate” called ‘Laudatur Christus’ was performed in front of a live audience at Covenant Family Chapel in Accra. Ghana’s President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was present during the performance that day.

Currently, Dr. Addaquay still continues to perform and showcase his musicianship around the globe. As well as working with different church choirs and usually directs performances of his works all through Southern and Central Ghana.

Dr. Alfred Patrick Addaquay As A Composer

Dr Alfred Patrick Addaquay

Dr. Patrick is a composer whose composition is typically structured and executed in the style of western classical music and Ghanaian art music. Also, his composition is structure around the baroque style of music and this reflects in his Laudate oratorio. Personally, he identified himself as a member of the youngest generation (fourth generation of art music composers in Ghana.

African Composers Influence

As a young composer and musicologist, Patrick Addaquay is actually influenced and motivated by both Western and African composers. The versatile composer was initially influenced by Amu who is Ghana’s first art music composer. However, Nicholas Zinzendorf Nayo became a greater influence in his compositions because he took great pleasure in the difficulties in Nayo’s work. These include Nayo’s ways of using chromatics and the challenges and growth it brings to Ghana’s instrumentalists and orchestras.

Western Composers Influence

With his church background, Patrick Addaquay was also influenced by some Baroque composers like Bach and Handel. Also, he loves the baroque genre of the oratorio that he was drawn towards composition in that style. Notwithstanding, Dr. Alfred Patrick Addaquay’s composition is not limited to baroque and Ghanaian art music style alone but also other different styles of music.

Alfred Patrick Addaquay Composition Style

Dr. Alfred Patrick Addaquay enjoys writing music that is rigid or so challenging technically. He artistically utilized a combination of Western and indigenous African musical elements to develop his composition. This routine actually makes his compositions different from others in his categories. And he has composed several pieces that are worth worldwide recognition.

Dr. Alfred Patrick Addaquay used his composition dexterity to write his first oratorio work at the age of 20 in 2005. The work he called ‘Laudate’ comprises 32 pieces of classical music. His other compositions among others are a cantata titled ‘Afe Nsakrae’ as well as ‘Sonata kyekyekule’.  He released ‘Laudatur Christus’  which is another version of ‘Laudate’ in 2016. Moreover, the talented composer has a lot of compositions in the vein of Gospel, Highlife, Christmas Carols, and Anthem in his repertoire.


Dr Alfred Patrick Addaquay

Dr. Alfred Patrick Addaquay has performed excellently as an organist and music director in different capacities. He has performed in different places like TV and Radio station live, church and big state events. Also, he has performed at different concerts in his homeland Ghana and other nation in partnership with cooperating organizations as well.  

Patrick Addaquay is indeed an excellent performer both with voice and on the keyboard. As a keyboardist, choral director, and conductor, he has performed and recorded with several choirs and choral groups. Among them are Bethel Methodist Church choirs, the Association of Methodists Choirs, and Singing bands. Also, he has worked with St Peter’s Basilica church choir, Pax Choir(UCC), Oguaa Youth Choir, and The Navidad Chorus. In addition is The Good Shepherd Methodist Church Choir (Kaneshie), Tema Youth choir, and many others.

Addaquay On The Black And White Keys

Moreover, he has performed on many other platforms, including the annual series called “ADDAQUAY ON THE BLACK & WHITE KEYS”. The series is actually his initiative that he started at Kumasi. In the midst of other soloists, Patrick Addaquay was the major performer in the live performance of his two-hour oratorio, Laudate. The concert was conducted by Ebenezer Appiah-Danquah and was accompanied by the Oguaa Youth Choir of Cape Coast.

Again, Addaquay performed his revised oratorio called “Laudatur Christus” live at the Covenant Family Chapel in Accra. The president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was in attendance during the performance. Dr. Addaquay is not only good at performing his personal work but also the work of others. Also, he performed a recital tag Piano Recital at the British Council, Accra.

He plays pieces from both Western and African composers well during his performance. And don’t surprised when you see him singing Handel while on the organ accompanying himself.

Awards and Honour

Dr Alfred Patrick Addaquay

During his education at Mfantsipim School, Patrick received different music prizes. Also, the school awarded him the discovery of the year 2002. He was the first student of the school to receive that award. In addition, he received the “Initiative & Drive” award as a result of his keyboard performances.

Moreover, Alfred received honour with a standing ovation from a large audience who listened to his work live at the Great Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana.

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