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The Life And Music Of CARisMA Guitar Duo In Brief

CARisMA Guitar Duo

CARisMA Guitar Duo was created by two outstanding classical guitarists, Magdalena Kaltcheva and Carlo Corrieri who came together as one.

The duo of Magdalena and Carlo had early initiation into music and have master the act to the world class level.

They decided to merge their musicality and uniqueness in composition into one after both had has a successful soloist career. Their merger is what world known today as CARisMA Guitar Duo.

Their Birth

Magdalena Kaltcheva was originally born in Sofia at Bulgaria in 1987. On the other hand, her partner and duo colleague, Carlo Corrieri was born in 1989 and grew up in Pisa in Italy.

CARisMA Guitar Duo Early Life

Magdalena Kaltcheva of CARisMA Guitar Duo

Magdalena Kaltcheva as a child was interested in so many things outside the music and both of her parents were not into music. However, both of her elder brothers are guitarists and she listened to them a lot when they were practicing.

Also, she did pay attention to their discussion and talk about music. This was traced to be her source of inspiration to like and dive into music.

Magdalena decided to play guitar after she saw her brother, Ivo, and his wife, Sophia, prize winners’ concert of a big duo competition they won in Cuba.

She was so delighted and proud to see them in that grand style. As a result of this, she so desired to play the physically attractive instrument as well.

With her wish, she appealed to her parent to buy a guitar for her in order to start playing it as well. This was delayed for a while, but they presented her a guitar for her 10th birthday; since then, she keeps soaring.

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Carlo Corrieri of CARisMA Guitar Duo

Carlo Corrieri’s love for guitar could be traced back to when he was six years old. At that time, a friend of the family gave him a small Russian guitar with some of the strings broken, but he instantly loved it.

Afterward, he began to play songs he heard from cartoons on television. It was obvious to his parents that Carlo had a talent for music.

Eventually, a year later when he was 7, they gave him a full-sized guitar and enrolled him in classical guitar lessons.

By the time he has clocked 8, Carlo was already winning international competitions. He performed in different concerts and won diverse national and international contests. In fact, he was acknowledged as ‘the Italian prodigy of the guitar’ by the national newspapers in Italy.


Magdalena Kaltcheva and Carlo Corrieri of CARisMA Guitar Duo

Kaltcheva chose music as her ultimate vocation early in childhood. Her systematic music training began at age 9. After the private lessons she took in Bulgaria, she proceeded with her study with Csaba Szekely in Aachen, Germany.

From 2000 until 2004 she was a student at the special college of music, “Schloss Belvedere” in Weimar, Germany in the class of Jürgen Rost Jürgen Rost and Hubert Käppel, the country’s most prominent classical guitarists. From age 19 forward, she has been leading masterclasses.

In fact, in 2007, Paco DeLucia invited her to become a supporting musician at his concerts. However, her schedule did not allow that and she declined the proposal. In 2011, Kaltcheva received her Master’s degree with Prof. Hubert Käppel at the University of Music in Cologne.

Carlo Corrieri began his journey into music at age of seven and attended Livorno Conservatory ‘Pietro Mascagni’ in Italy to study music under Flavio Cucchi and Matteo Mela, the great concert guitarists.

He graduated from the school with the highest honour and an honorable mention at age of 17. Carlo further his education for another four years at the Academy ‘Giulio Caccini’ with Maestro Matteo Mela in Pisa.

He later in 2005 won a scholarship to study at Pepperdine University in Malibu (CA) where he further polished his competence in guitar playing and music.

CARisMA Guitar Duo Union

Magdalen and Carlo of CARisMA Guitar Duo – Photo by  Leonardo Baldini Photographer

Carlo and Magdalena met during many guitar festivals and competitions around the world before the duo finally became a couple in 2010. A year later after their wedding, they created CARisMA Guitar Duo.

This was after they have made 5 arrangements of Rachel Portman’s soundtrack to the movie called ‘Chocolat’ together with Italian composer Giorgio Mirto.

They loved the combination of the two guitars. And their different techniques fitted so well together that they decided to go deeper in that direction. They were very excited to experiment with different styles of music besides classical.

CARisMA Music

CARisMA in composition mode – Photo by Leonardo Baldini Photographer

Since the duo have their first collaboration in 2011, they have become much more than just a classical guitar duo. They have revolutionized the way the classical guitar is played with the inspiration gotten from Debussy and Einaudi.

In addition, they were also inspired by electronic masters like Daft Punk. The duo has done so much and has created an innovative sound they can call their own. This they achieved by consolidating the essential features of the contemporary genre with classical music.

The CARisMA music is one of the foods for the soul. They blend colorful embroidered arabesques with delicate arpeggios to launch their music into the air.

Their music as soft as butterfly wings is no doubt a perfect soundtrack of the spiritual instants we call life. The duo partnership seems to have passed through the gates of time and their music is just like a bridge over infinity.

Of course, their music launches the past into the future in which classical music is clothed in the awesome and metaphysical gown of its past, albeit embellished by sonic and conceptual elements belonging to our times.

CARisMA Guitar Duo Career and Honours

CARisMA Guitar Duo Life performance at Hartwall Arena

In reality, the duo has showcased their act in some of the most eminent and biggest places in the world. They have performed in places like the O2 Arena in London and the Roundhouse, the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, the Arena Ciudad de Mexico, the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, and the Paolo Sixth Concert Hall in the Vatican City.

In 2012, CARisMA Guitar Duo performed in front of Andrea Bocelli, the world’s renowned Italian tenor. Bocelli was so amazed by their arrangements and performance that he submitted and produced their album, ‘Confessions’. Consequently, they released their first public appearance Album called “Confessions” in the year 2012 and 2014.

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The album featured music from the film ‘Chocolat’ by Rachel Portman, alongside a selection of classical standards and jazz. Their album, Confessions got massive recognition on many international radio stations like NPR Radio in the USA. Also on RAI1 to 3 in Italy, Bulgarian National Radio, Antenne Brandenburg in Germany, and so on.

The Duo embarked on a solo tour in China in June 2014. The journey was their first solo tour and they performed at some of the most distinguished concert halls in China.

To mention a few, they performed at the Beijing Concert Hall, Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, and Xinghai Concert Hall. The duo also displayed their talents at Tianjin Grand Theatre, Qintai Concert Hall, and so on.

CARisMA has performed on various TV Shows like SNN TV in Sarasota (USA) RBB Zibb in Germany. Specifically, Tagesschau on first German TV Channel ARD, CCTV in Shanghai, Bulgaria’s most popular Late Night Show called Slavi’s Show.

In addition, M1 TV in Hungary, and ‘Amare e Perdono’ on Italian first TV Channel RAI1 were not left out. Furthermore, in recent times, South Korea’s first TV Channel KBS TV broadcasted a one-hour documentary about the CARisMA duo.

In 2017 CARisMA Guitar Duo released an EP- Album that they recorded in their personal studio. The title of the album is ’Classic Poptronica’ and it was number 38 on the TOP 40 iTunes Charts in Brazil.

You can listen to them via: CARisMA Guitar Duo Video

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