Importance Of The Practice In Music Learning

Important Of Practice In Learning Music

Important Of Practice In Music

In actual fact, learning something new is not always easy, particularly at the start. Besides, doing something new for the first time without any past experience is certainly a predicament. This is true because we will actually struggle and make some mistakes. However, with time and practice, we can always do it better and later become a master in it. The logic is that we become better with what we keep doing deliberately. That is the important of practice in music learning. This points us to the phrase that says “practice makes perfect”. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the importance of practice in learning music and any other skill.

Obviously, practice is the road every musician must stride in order to grow from learner to master and become great. In fact, no musician has ever performed beautifully without going through a session of active practice behind the door. Therefore, practice is one of the most significant elements to favourable outcome when learning a new instrument or piece is under a consideration.

What is Practice?

Important Of Practice In Learning Music
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The practice is defined according to the Merriam Webster dictionary as an act to perform or work repeatedly so as to become proficient, or to train by repeated exercises. Obviously, it’s just a simple act of doing a particular thing repetition for the purpose of becoming better at it. Also, it is the way of dedicating one’s time to the study of what is involved in the new field of learning. In addition, it involves putting what one has learned into action repeatedly in order to master it.

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Moreover, practice is a particular session arranged for the purpose of engaging in activities that would result in skill improvement. With all the above one can say that practice is an active technique of learning for better understanding and of acquiring a relevant experience. A simple example is an arrangement made in the various choirs to sing and learn a new piece together in order to perform it beautifully. It is called a choir practice because of the aforementioned purpose behind it.

Why We Need To Practice?

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Knowing all about how to do something artistic is not enough. We still need to be able to do it effortlessly. All the theories in our heads can make it easy for us to do it better but can we actually do it smoothly? To become a better pianist, for instance, is not about knowing how to move our hand if we want to run a scale. But to be able to move the hands on the piano and run the scale accurately. Truly, without practice, this will not be possible as simple as it might look. That is why we need to put in an effort, practice it, and make it work.

Knowledge is indeed necessary, but practice must be joined with it. Without practice, knowledge sometimes can just be irrelevant, stagnant, and become unprofitable. Listen to your instructor is not enough, you need to put what you have learned from him or her into practice to master it yourself. If you are still in the thought that practicing your passion is frivolous, just remember how far you will go without practice. In its essence, practice will make us know about it and also empower us to do it easily.

We all need to remember as a musician (instrumentalist or vocalist) that practice will make us do it better. In short, only practice can make the movements over your runs, scales, and arpeggios more quickly and fluid that you will not be stumbled. Even within yourself, you will feel fulfilled that you have made a progress. All musicians deserve to be the best in their choosing field, where they feel fulfilled and elevated. And without practice, this cannot be achieved.

Important Of Practice In Music


When it comes to learning a new skill in any field of life, practice is very important in acquiring a new skill set and master the skill. Specifically, practice is very essential when it comes to learning music. For instance, learning how to play a new musical instrument or how to perform a new musical piece. The success of mastering that musical instrument or piece require efforts embedded in active practice.

Absolutely, practice is the key to growth in music and in most other areas of learning. Of course, Sri Swami Satchidananda once said that: “We cannot reach the goal by mere words alone. Without practice, nothing can be achieved.” This is true in life then and now because without proper practice, we cannot become a better version of what we dream of.

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Furthermore, practice is not just important for all musicians to learn how to play the musical instrument of their choice easily. It’s also very important in mastering the techniques involved in playing the instrument skillfully in order to perform optimally. An active and smart practice makes the fingers of a proficient musician flows easily with the notes like a stream. Besides, practice helps in maintaining the skill acquired and make it part of our reflex. This makes the practice very profitable because we can use the experience of what we practice in one piece in another. 

As a matter of fact, practice is what makes the difference between the novices and experts in any subject matter. Experts and novices differ in the magnitude of their exposure and longtime mastery of techniques involves is executing an idea. Either in music or other areas of life. These perceivable discrepancies materialize in broad part because of distinction in the quantity and quality of deliberate practice in which each has involved.

In actual fact, practice is so vital in the learning process. This is true because with it you will mentally take in information, become proficient, and maintain the skill. For these reasons and others, practice is very important in learning music and it’s the only way to become competent as a musician.

How to Practice Effectively?


Obviously, practice is very important in learning music. However, in regard to practicing and learning music, it is actually essential to have patient. Also, it is very important to comprehend that it is a process that requires time. In addition, we should acknowledge that we cannot acquire the experience overnight.

Most often, you and I get discouraged with our progress. However, it is necessarily essential to realize that learning any skills can take time and that is all right. The most important thing is that we should get attached to it, and keep progressing towards our goals. In particular, focus, routine, and repetition make our practices yield a better result in the long run.

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Practicing a musical instrument of your choice daily is an important part of the learning process but not without a focus. He who practices regularly and effectively improve far more rapidly than those who practice sporadically. Therefore, we need to focus on what we want to achieve with the practice. Absolutely, that means we need to aim our attention at what we desire to learn and become better at. Of course, there is no better manner we can use to practice efficiently than this. Truly, the focus is actually the key to mastery and improvement in acquiring a new skill.

Certainly, the focus is an important element of practice and learning music. For that reason, the more focused your practice sessions are in learning music, the more efficient you are with your practice time. Consequently, the more quickly you will learn in the process, and the faster you will come through. Remember, focusing on what you want to learn and improve upon is the best way to practice effectively.

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