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Tell Me the Story of Jesus Lyrics

Tell me the story of Jesus Lyrics

Tell Me the Story of Jesus Lyrics

“Tell Me the Story of Jesus” lyrics are words of a Christian hymn that invite listeners to reflect on the life, teachings, and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The lyrics were first published in 1880 and has since become a cherished classic in many Christian hymnals.

The lyrics of “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” ask believers to reflect on Jesus’ life, from birth to resurrection.

It urges listeners to consider his immense love and sacrifice, portraying him as humanity’s Savior and God’s grace personified.

Below are the lyrics for “Tell Me the Story of Jesus.”

Lyrics of the hymn Tell Me the Story of Jesus

1. Tell me the story of Jesus,
write on my heart every word;
tell me the story most precious,
sweetest that ever was heard.
Tell how the angels, in chorus,
sang as they welcomed His birth,
"Glory to God in the highest!
Peace and good tidings to earth."

Tell me the story of Jesus,
write on my heart every word;
tell me the story most precious,
sweetest that ever was heard.

2. Fasting alone in the desert,
tell of the days that are past;
how for our sins He was tempted,
yet was triumphant at last.
Tell of the years of His labor,
tell of the sorrow He bore;
He was despised and afflicted,
homeless, rejected, and poor.

3. Tell of the cross where they nailed Him,
writhing in anguish and pain;
tell of the grave where they laid Him,
tell how He liveth again.
Love in that story so tender,
clearer than ever I see:
stay, let me weep while you whisper,
love paid the ransom for me.

Who Wrote “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” Lyrics

The lyrics of the hymn “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” were written by Fanny Crosby.

Fanny J. Crosby, born Frances Jane Crosby, was an American hymn writer and poet, renowned for her prolific contributions to Christian music.

She was born on March 24, 1820, in Brewster, New York, and lost her sight due to a medical condition in infancy.

Despite her blindness, Crosby’s talent and determination led her to become one of the most influential hymn writers in history.

Crosby began writing poetry as a child and later pursued a career as a teacher and poet.

She eventually became associated with the hymn-writing community and began collaborating with various composers, including William Bradbury and Phoebe Knapp.

Over the course of her lifetime, Crosby wrote thousands of hymns under various pseudonyms, including “Blessed Assurance,” “To God Be the Glory,” and “Safe in the Arms of Jesus.”

Crosby’s hymns were characterized by their heartfelt lyrics, rich theology, and melodic simplicity, making them accessible to congregations of all backgrounds.

Her compositions covered a wide range of themes, from salvation and redemption to trust and hope in God’s providence.

In addition to her hymn writing, Crosby was also a passionate advocate for the blind and a dedicated Christian minister.

She devoted much of her life to charitable work, including missions for the poor and disabled.

Fanny J. Crosby passed away on February 12, 1915, leaving behind a lasting legacy of faith, compassion, and musical innovation.

Her hymns continue to be sung in churches worldwide, inspiring generations of believers with their timeless message of grace and salvation.

The Hymn Details

HymnSafe in the Arms of Jesus
AuthorFanny Crosby
First LineSafe in the arms of Jesus
Famous Tune Safe in the arms of Jesus.
Tune ComposerWilliam Howard Doane
Meter7.6.7.6 D (with Refrain)
CopyrightPublic Domain
The hymn (Tell Me the Story of Jesus) lyric’s information.

The Message of the Lyrics

The lyrics of the hymn “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” convey several key messages in a cohesive and flowing manner:

Firstly, the hymn emphasizes the importance of knowing Jesus’ story.

The opening verse expresses a heartfelt desire to have every word of his story written on the heart, highlighting the significance of understanding and connecting with Jesus’ life.

In addition, the hymn celebrates Jesus’ birth and the message he brought.

The first verse mentions the angelic chorus proclaiming, “Glory to God in the highest! Peace and good tidings to earth,” underscoring the importance of Jesus’ arrival and the hope and peace he brought to humanity.

Furthermore, the hymn delves into Jesus’ sacrifice and his triumph over temptation.

The second verse depicts his time in the desert, facing temptations for the sake of humanity’s sins, and emerging victorious. This emphasizes Jesus’ strength and his role in overcoming challenges.

The hymn also evokes empathy for Jesus’ suffering. The same verse describes his years of labor, the sorrow he bore, and the rejection he faced.

This portrayal aims to elicit compassion and understanding for the hardships Jesus endured.

Moving forward, the hymn focuses on the pivotal moments of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

The third verse vividly describes the physical pain he experienced on the cross, his burial, and the miraculous resurrection.

These events highlight the central aspects of Jesus’ mission and the transformative power of his sacrifice.

The final verse unveils the core message of love. It portrays the story of Jesus as a tender expression of love, making it clearer than ever.

The hymn emphasizes that Jesus’ sacrifice serves as an act of love, paying the “ransom” for humanity’s sins. 

This highlights the profound power of love and the potential for redemption through Jesus.

The Refrain and Tune

Throughout the hymn, the repeated refrain “Tell me the story of Jesus” and the line “stay, let me weep while you whisper” encourage emotional connection and reflection.

The hymn seeks to inspire listeners to contemplate Jesus’ story and recognize its significance in their lives, fostering a deep and personal connection to his message.

The hymn’s gentle melody complements the moving message, allowing for deep reflection on the core of Christianity.

Often sung in worship services and Sunday schools, it deepens understanding of Jesus and expresses devotion and gratitude.

Final Note

The lyrics of the hymn generally prompt listeners to contemplate Jesus’ love, evident from His birth to His death and glorious resurrection. It portrays Jesus as humanity’s Savior, filled with God’s endless grace.

Often sung in churches and Sunday schools, the hymn enriches understanding of Jesus’ teachings and the message of redemption.

Additionally, singing the lyrics of “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” strengthens believers’ connection to Jesus and expresses gratitude.

In fact, the lyrics of “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” serve as a powerful reminder of Jesus’ role and the impact of His story.

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