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The Lyrics of the Hymn “Praise Him Praise Him!”

Praise Him Praise Him lyrics

The Lyrics of the Hymn “Praise Him Praise Him!”

“Praise Him, Praise Him” is a beloved Christian hymn with uplifting and reverent lyrics that inspire devotion and praise.

The hymn, written by Fanny Crosby, a renowned American hymn writer, beautifully expresses the timeless message of worshiping and glorifying God.

Its powerful and melodic verses encourage believers to offer praise and adoration to the Creator for His boundless love and grace.

As a cherished piece in Christian worship, “Praise Him, Praise Him” continues to resonate with congregations around the world.

The lyrics of the hymn “Praise Him, Praise Him” bring hearts closer to God through their timeless and meaningful lyrics.

Find the inspiring Praise Him lyrics of this incredible hymn presented below!

Praise Him, Praise Him! Lyrics

1. Praise him, praise him! Jesus, our blessed redeemer!
Sing, O earth, his wonderful love proclaim!
Hail him, hail him! Highest archangels in glory!
Strength and honor give to his holy name!
Like a shepherd, Jesus will guard his children.
In his arms he carries them all day long.

Praise him! Praise him! tell of his excellent greatness.
Praise him! Praise him! ever in  joyful song.

2. Praise him, praise him! Jesus, our blessed redeemer!
For our sins, he suffered, and bled, and died.
He our rock, our hope of eternal salvation,
hail him, hail him! Jesus, the crucified.
Sound his praises, Jesus who bore our sorrows,
love unbounded, wonderful, deep, and strong.

Praise him! Praise him! tell of his excellent greatness.
Praise him! Praise him! ever in  joyful song.

3. Praise him, praise him! Jesus, our blessed redeemer!
Heav’nly portals loud with hosannas ring!
Jesus, Savior, reigneth forever and ever!
Crown him, crown him! prophet, and priest, and king!
Christ is coming, over the world victorious.
Pow’r and glory unto the Lord belong. 

Praise him! Praise him! tell of his excellent greatness.
Praise him! Praise him! ever in  joyful song.

The Hymn Details

Hymn: Praise Him! Praise Him!
Year: 1869
Language: English
Author: Fanny Crosby (1869)
First Line: Praise Him! praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer!
Famous Tune: Joyful Song (Chester G. Allen)
Meter: Irregular
Copyright: Public Domain

Who Wrote the Hymn “Praise Him, Praise Him” Lyrics?

“Praise Him, Praise Him” lyrics were written by Fanny Crosby, a prolific American hymn writer.

Frances Jane Crosby, born on March 24, 1820, in Putnam County, New York, faced a challenging start in life.

At just six weeks old, she became blind due to improper care during an illness.

When she turned eight, her family moved to Ridgefield, Connecticut, where they stayed for four years.

Despite her blindness, Frances was determined to receive an education, and at fifteen, she enrolled in the New York Institution for the Blind, where she obtained a remarkable education.

As she grew older, Frances excelled in her studies and eventually became a teacher at the same school in 1847.

For over a decade, until March 1858, she passionately taught English grammar, rhetoric, and American history.

Her love for learning was extraordinary, and she had memorized significant portions of the Bible, including the first four books of the Old Testament and all four Gospels, before reaching the age of ten.

Frances Crosby’s talents extended beyond teaching. In 1864, she began writing Sunday-school hymns for Wm. B. Bradbury.

She became one of the most well-known and respected hymn writers in Christian history, contributing to the creation of thousands of hymns, including “Praise Him, Praise Him.”

Her hymns covered a wide range of topics, from Christian worship in pieces like “To God be the Glory” to addressing the challenges of the world in compositions like “Rescue the Perishing.

Franny Jane Crosby’s hymns have profoundly impacted Christian worship, with churches worldwide still singing and cherishing many of them.

Click on the link here: “Life of Fanny J. Crosby” to read and learn more about Fanny Crosby.

The Message of the Hymn “Praise Him, Praise Him” Lyrics

The hymn “Praise Him, Praise Him” is a beautiful and uplifting song that exalts Jesus Christ as our blessed redeemer.

The lyrics praise and adore the Savior, emphasizing His love, sacrifice, and eternal reign.

In the first verse, the hymn calls upon all creation to join in praising Jesus. It speaks of the highest archangels in glory, who hail Him with strength and honor, acknowledging His holy name.

The lyrics use the imagery of Jesus as a shepherd to convey His loving care and protection for His children as He carries them in His arms throughout their lives.

The refrain joyfully reminds us to praise and magnify Jesus, declaring His excellent greatness and love with joyful songs.

The second verse focuses on Jesus as our blessed redeemer who suffered, bled, and died for our sins. He is described as our rock and hope for eternal salvation.

The hymn emphasizes the boundless love of Jesus, who bore our sorrows and demonstrated a love that is profound and strong.

In the final verse, the hymn paints a vivid picture of the heavenly realms resounding with hosannas for Jesus, the eternal Savior.

He is praised as the prophet, priest, and king, reigning forever and ever.

The hymn looks forward to Christ’s victorious return and acknowledges that all power and glory belong to the Lord.

Final Note

The “Praise Him, Praise Him!” lyrics are the text of a hymn penned by Fanny Crosby back in 1869. 

This beautiful hymn exalts Jesus as our “blessed Redeemer” and glorifies His wonderful gifts of salvation and redemption.

“Praise Him, Praise Him” is a heartfelt and powerful hymn that encourages believers to lift their voices in praise and worship to Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, who reigns in power and love.

Its rich and meaningful lyrics have resonated with countless worshipers for generations. They have inspired them to offer their praise and adoration to the one truly deserving of honor and glory.

The lyrics of “Praise Him, Praise Him!” and her other hymns have deeply touched hearts and souls, leaving a lasting impact on those who sang and heard them.

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