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The Lyrics Of The Hymn “All things Are Possible”

All Things Are Possible Lyrics

The Lyrics of The Hymn All Things Are Possible

The “All Things Are Possible” lyrics are the words of a gospel hymn written by a prominent English hymn writer and co-founder of the Methodist movement.

The lyrics of the hymn are a profound expression of faith, hope, and belief in the limitless power of God.

The hymn is structured in six verses, each addressing different aspects of faith and transformation.

It progresses from acknowledging Jesus’ name as the source of belief to affirming the certainty of overcoming sin, opposition, and challenges.

The hymn traces a journey of trust and transformation through the power of God.

Find the “All Things Are Possible” lyrics below:

All Things are Possible Lyrics

1 All things are possible to him
That can in Jesus’ name believe;
Lord, I no mote thy truth blaspheme,
Thy truth I lovingly receive;
I can, I do believe in thee;
All things are possible to me.

2 The most impossible of all
Is that I e’er from sin should cease;
Yet shall it be; I know it shall;
Jesus, look to thy faithfulness!
If nothing is too hard for thee,
All things are possible to me.

3 Though earth and Hell the word gainsay,
The word of God can never fail;
The Lamb shall take my sins away,
‘Tis certain, though impossible;
The thing impossible shall be,
All things are possible to me.

4 When thou the work of faith hast wrought,
I here shall in thine image shine,
Nor sin in deed or word or thought;
Let men exclaim and fiends repine,
They cannot break the firm decree;
All things are possible to me.

5 Thy mouth, O Lord, to me hath sworn
That I shall serve thee without fear,
Shall find the pearl which others spurn,
Holy and pure and perfect here;
The servant as his Lord shall be;
All things are possible to me.

6 All things are possible to God, 
To Christ, the power of God in man,
To me, when I am all renewed,
When I in Christ am formed again,
And witness, from all sin set free,
All things are possible to me.
- Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

The Hymn Details

Hymn: All things are possible to him
Year: Unknown
Language: English
Author: Charles Wesley (1707–1788)
First Line: All things are possible to him
Famous Tune: Holy Faith
Copyright: Public Domain

Who Wrote All Things Are Possible Lyrics?

Charles Wesley, an English hymn writer, poet, and theologian, wrote the lyrics of the hymn “All Things Are Possible.”

He was born on December 18, 1707, in Epworth, Lincolnshire, England, to Samuel and Susanna Wesley, in a family deeply rooted in the Anglican faith. Among their nineteen children, Charles was the youngest.

After studying at Oxford University, Charles Wesley became an ordained Anglican priest.

Alongside his brother John, he was part of the “Holy Club,” a student group focused on spirituality and helping others. This group played a big role in forming the Methodist movement.

Charles Wesley
Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

Charles Wesley became well-known for writing many hymns. Throughout his life, he penned thousands of hymns that are still important in Christian worship today.

Some of his famous ones are “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today,” “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling,” and “O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing.”

His hymns were special for their deep poetry, insights into beliefs, and heartfelt expressions of faith.

Apart from his hymns, Charles Wesley helped shape Methodist beliefs.

He and John traveled around England, talking about personal changes, the importance of faith, and the feeling of God’s grace.

His hymns and teachings played a big role in the “Great Awakening,” a religious revival in 18th-century England.

These hymns explained difficult religious ideas in easy-to-understand verses, which became an important part of Methodist worship and more.

Charles Wesley passed away on March 29, 1788, in London, leaving behind a rich collection of hymns and writings about theology.

His legacy still inspires believers worldwide, greatly impacting Christian worship, beliefs, and the development of the Methodist tradition.

The Themes of the “All Things Are Possible” Lyrics

The lyrics of this hymn convey a message of faith and belief in the limitless possibilities that come through faith in Jesus Christ.

Charles Wesley, the writer of this hymn, holds significant importance in the history of Christian music.

The hymn effectively presents the core principles of Wesleyan beliefs. Furthermore, it conveys the message that, with Christ’s assistance, we can accomplish even the most challenging things.

The lyrics of the hymn “All Things Are Possible” is like a story with different parts called verses.

Each verse shows that even when things are tough or seem impossible, having faith in God and Jesus can help us do things we didn’t think were possible.

Here are the key themes of each verse:

Verse 1

The first verse emphasizes the importance of belief in Jesus’ name.

The singer acknowledges their faith in Jesus and rejects any doubt or blasphemy against the truth.

The hymn begins with a statement of confidence that all things are possible for those who believe in Jesus.

Verse 2

This verse reflects on the apparent impossibility of ceasing from sin.

Despite this challenge, the singer expresses certainty that it will be achieved through the faithfulness of Jesus.

The verse emphasizes that nothing is too difficult for Jesus, and therefore, all things are possible.

Verse 3

Here, the singer confronts the opposition of “earth and hell” (the forces of the world and evil) to the word of God.

The hymn asserts that the promises of God will never fail, even if they seem impossible.

The Lamb (Jesus) is affirmed as the one who takes away sins, and this impossible feat will undoubtedly be accomplished.

Verse 4

This verse focuses on the transformation that faith brings.

Through faith, the author believes that they will transform into the image of Christ, being freed from sin in word, thought, and deed.

The hymn highlights the firmness of God’s decree, reinforcing the idea that God’s power makes all things possible.

Verse 5

In this verse, the singer expresses their trust in God’s promise to serve without fear and to attain holiness.

The pearl, which others reject, symbolizes the purity and perfection that faith will achieve.

The verse underscores the believer’s identification with Christ as a servant following the example of the Lord.

Verse 6

The final verse expands the concept of possibility. It acknowledges that all things are possible to God and that Christ, as the power of God in humanity, brings transformation.

The author eagerly anticipates their renewal in Christ and becoming a witness to the freedom from sin.

The verse reiterates the overarching theme that all things are possible through faith in Christ.

Final Note

The words in the hymn “All Things Are Possible” essentially tell us to continue having faith in Jesus.

The lyrics serve as a reminder that even when things are difficult or we’re not completely sure, God’s strength and faithfulness can assist us in accomplishing anything.

It encourages us to walk with faith as our compass and trust as our guide, venturing into the unknown with the assurance that, through God’s grace, the impossible can become reality.

Above all, this hymn encapsulates the essence of faith—a force that transcends the ordinary and transforms impossibilities into opportunities.

It emphasizes that no obstacle is insurmountable when accompanied by faith in God’s strength and unwavering trust in Jesus.

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